Who are you? 

My name is Greg. I'm a Southern boy that likes good, hearty food, and doesn't take himself seriously at all.

Why did you start this blog?

Because I think a lot of the hippie shit that passes for vegan food is annoyingly esoteric and overly focused on health. If I meet one more vegan with a Quinoa fetish I swear I'll fucking snap. I also dabble in humor writing, because I need a creative outlet to actualize the self, Maslow-style, motherfuckers. (For that reason you should take very little that I write, outside of food related stuff, at face value.)

Why "Redneck Vegan Kitchen"? Are you some sort of backwoods, bigoted, hick?

I hope not. The redneck thing is more self-deprecation than anything. I'm a white boy from Mississippi. When I was a small child I lived in trailer, and I come from 100% cracker-ass stock. Referring to myself as a redneck is simply mean to denote I'm from the South and that I don't take myself too seriously, not that I'm some sort of right wing, racist xenophobe.

Is your seitan really the world's best?

Okay, probably not the best on the whole freakin' world, but it's seriously up there. Toasted sesame oil is the "secret" ingredient that I discovered that makes my seitan really, really good, and I do think that pretty much any seitan recipe will improve using it as a main ingredient.

What's you position on secret ingredients anyway?

Fuck secret ingredients. I share EVERYTHING, and don't really have a lot of patience for those that hoard secrets.

Are FAQs pretty much contrived ways to say a bunch of things you want, with no one ever frequently asking any of this shit?


Wow, you're a cutie! Are you single?

And ready to mingle baby! I'm not giving you my phone number of the internet though -- what if you are some crazy stalker? But if you want to look into taking this sex machine out for a test drive, email me (eggplant.wizard.5000@gmail.com) or leave a comment. Ladies only!

More soon...

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  1. Mockery and great recipes?!
    You're like the vegetable-friendly Bourdain!